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History: The contribution of Maharashtra (a state in the western region of India with Mumbai as its capital) towards the spiritual upliftment of the humanity is significant. One of the best gifts Maharashtra presented to the world is Varkari Sampradya.
Inspired from this movement, thousands of devotees, from various parts of India, flock to Shirdi on foot today, covering the distance of hundreds of miles. The most popular route is from Mumbai to Shirdi, around 161 miles or 260 kilometers. With an average of 8 hours walk per day, it would take around 9 days to reach Shirdi.

Objective: Walk for Sai project is to give the devotees a similar experience at least during the walk. Chanting Sai’s name for the entire duration of the walk is an unforgettable memory for life. Baba’s grace, our goal is to create a platform for all the Sai devotees across the globe and encourage them to participate in Walk For Sai in the countries they live in.

By Baba's grace, I Love Sai would organize such walks in all the countries it operates from (currently India, UK , USA).
We organize a 5 or 10 miles walk & a 100 miles walk in each country. The timing of these walks may vary from country to country due to several constraints such as weather.
Our intention is to have the 100 miles walk at least once every year in each country, with limited participation and training. However, the 5 or 10 miles walk would be ope for all and would be organized at various cities in each country.
In either case, the devotees have to register their interest soon after the event notification is released.
Please note that Walk For Sai is a Shirdi Sai awareness & spiritual walk. You do not have to raise funds to participate in the walk, however, there could a small fee to cover the T-shirt & lunch expenses. In case, we get local sponsors either for T-shirts or lunch or both, we will not charge the participants accordingly. Also, in case if anyone does not want to pay for T-shirt, they can use it for the walk and return it back to us.
While the participants would focus on chanting Sai’s name (or their beloved deity), we would promote Baba’s message by carrying Baba (in the portrait form) and handing over informational leaflets about Shirdi Sai Baba, to the curious observers, if any.
If you are interested in participation or if you are interested to have a Walk For Sai in your location, please contact us.

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