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Every Baba’s devotee, by His grace, would like to offer some sort of service to Baba. As mentioned in Satcharitra, some or commissioned to write, some to build temples, some to sing His praises and so on…

At I Love Sai, we believe that every Sai devotee is gifted with some talent and if it is used for the right purposes in the name of Baba, Baba’s name would reach all corners of the world within no time. However, it’s not that easy. In today’s world, each one of us are racing with time. Every life in the last two decades changed considerably and all of a sudden, in most cases, time became more valuable than money. Despite such schedules, we are inclined to serve Him and express our love and devotion by His grace.

We respect your time and money and hence, we realized that we should not only involve you in our projects, but based on your interests and skills, we should be able to customize and design services that would meet the purpose of serving Sai, spreading His message and implementing His messages wherever applicable.

So, please take this opportunity and contact us, if you are happy to participate in our projects. Besides our projects, you can also let us know if you desire to do anything particular outside of our projects. Currently we need many devotees in the below mentioned areas.

The above-mentioned skills are not restricted to English. You can contribute any such services in any of your preferred language. Again, to spread globally, we have to think and act locally in every location we operate.

Please contact us at your earliest and together, we can build a world our Baba envisioned. Thank you.

Baba Malik


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