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About Sai Baba

Sree Sainath is such – the Compassionate and Powerful Sadguru, who can be known by the Inner Self. All-transcendent, eternal one, to you, I bow.
Obeisance to you, the best of all, ever blissful, fully contented, self-effulgent, abode of auspiciousness, self-realised, teacher of teachers.
Shree SaiSatcharitra- Chapter 1, Verses 50 & 51

Our Baba walked in his earthly carnation from the mid 1800’s until October 1918.  No one is entirely sure of his actual birth date or place—we know only of his appearance in Shirdi around 1858.  But those details are insignificant compared to what he brought to mankind in his years on earth.

Stories from elders describe a young man with sparkling eyes arriving in Shirdi and seeking refuge at the small town’s dilapidated cottage, now called Dwarakamayi.  Reports were he had no friends or family in Shirdi and he rarely spoke.  Gradually, the curious and kind villagers began to offer food, amenities and shelter—although he never asked for help. He often shared his food with his companion animals. His actions resulted in the villagers referring to him as Fakir—one who needs only sustenance from God.

He became a fixture with the elderly—dispensing his views on poverty, charity and spirit with a simple, expression rich language. He then became a solver of problems and people began to seek His views and His way. Shirdi was suddenly on the map and Baba was revered as one with Godly powers.

Sai Baba lived his entire earthly life devoted to charity, faith, patience and love. He lived His words through His essence of being and His spirit is infused to all He called. His spirit, His love, and His mission are now infused within His devotees across the globe. His mission is now theirs to teach and instill in generations to follow.

Sai – the Eternal, the Ancient One, was neither Hindu nor Muslim. He had no caste, nor family, nor gotra. Know him to be the Self-Realised Soul.

Shri Sai Satcharitra, Chapter 5, Verse 24

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