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We just have to observe the life Baba led, during His bodily form, to understand the significance and the place for charity in His view.

The word ‘Charity’ has a very broad meaning and refines down to some form of donation. The donation can be monetary,
services (skill, time etc.), new/used goods (food/clothing etc.), humanitarian aid items, medical care needs and so on & so forth.

At I love Sai, we promote charity and it’s important that all means of charitable acts are available for the donors and not just our wish list. While the monetary donations are widely appreciated, it would be unfair to ignore the other forms of donations. The world is no dearth of the needy and by Baba’s grace, our efforts are forever on in search of the needy. Each of our local groups will be encouraged to partner with a local charity so that we can lend a helping hand. We strongly believe that ‘serving the society we live in is also a form of serving Sai’.

It’s impossible to practice Baba’s teachings without involving in charitable actions. As Baba said in Satcharitra, chapter 19, verse 210 & chapter 32- verse 168, “He will reap, what he sows”, By His grace, we should all engage in charitable activities and through it, promote Baba’s teachings. At I Love Sai, we feel that the best way to spread Baba’s message is by living it.

Some of the drives we have initiated in certain locations are,

  • Collection of the used clothes and distributing them to the nearby needy
  • Purchasing the items required for shelter homes
  • Occasionally sponsoring/cooking lunch for certain shelter homes

Our vision is to form numerous devotee groups across the globe and encourage each of them to identify the neediest charity near them and support it through I Love Sai. This would be an easy way of introducing Baba to the communities around us. The joy we get in giving what we have is no match to the joy we get in trying to accumulate what we don’t have. If Baba blesses us with more than what we need, it’s important that we raise our standard of giving and NOT our standard of living.

As mentioned earlier, it’s not just donating money, you could be charitable by donating your time & your skills for the betterment of the society we live in.

By Baba’s grace, if you are inspired to help others within your capacity, please contact us and we can together create some difference to the society we live in.

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