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Babanchi Shirdi, Majhi Shirdi


“It is the good fortune of Shirdi that this precious gem has associated itself with Shirdi.”
“Although He is carrying water on his shoulders to-day*, He is not an ordinary person. Blessed is the soil of Shirdi on which He has set His foot”.
Shri Sai Satcharitra, Chapter 5, Verses 38 & 39 *to water the plants in Lendi garden.
Likewise, there are numerous instances where the great fortune of Shirdi is mentioned in Shri Sai Satcharita. Baba’s association with Shirdi and His love for Shirdi is inexplicable in words.
The days He wandered around Shirdi cannot be ignored. The days Baija Mai searched for Him to offer food cannot be forgotten. Baba’s love for trees and gardening cannot be overlooked. But why?
Because, loving and caring for Sai includes loving and caring what He loves and cares for. We do this to our friends and family, so why should Baba be different, especially most of us consider Him to be more than family.
The conclusion is, as His devotees, what matters to Sai should matter to us. So, IF SHIRDI MATTERS TO BABA, IT MATTERS TO US.
With time (its not even 100 years yet), we have lost the Shirdi that was described in Satcharita.
It does not mean the sanctity of the land is lost. Varanasi, Vaishnodevi, Tirupathi, Bethlehem, Mecca and so on…. They have all changed with time, but not their sanctity. While Shirdi competes with them in the number of visitors per year, certainly it’s not competing with them in the infrastructure and the basic needs.
There are no public toilets on the streets, no clean drinking water facilities on the streets, there is hardly any greenery, heaps of litter and garbage everywhere and so on.. Certainly, this is not how our Baba’s Shirdi should be.

While the authorities are playing their part, its not enough to cope up with the rush. Hence, as Baba’s devotees, we should take ownership and responsibility of at least some of these tasks.

Therefore, by Baba’s grace, we have introduced this project in partnership with Green N Clean Shirdi Foundation (A local NGO) to implement
• The Beautification of Shirdi streets
• Plant around 100,000 trees in and around Shirdi
• Construct facilities to provide pure and cold drinking water
• Build public toilets
• Provide infrastructure for the visiting devotees to Clean the streets of Shirdi
• Appeal/Educate the relevant authorities to preserve the old structures built during Baba’s time

We appeal to all the Baba’s devotees across the globe, that it is more of our responsibility than the authorities. Let us be accountable for our Baba’s Shirdi. Baba has blessed us all with the minimum basic needs, if not more. So, let us all show similar love and affection towards our Baba’s Shirdi, because, Shirdi matters to Baba.
You can join this great movement with a click or a call. You can donate funds for any of the above projects, specially, you can donate a tree in the name of your beloved ones. Our visit to Shirdi may last for few days, but a tree we sponsor could stay for several decades. If not, on your next visit, simply call us in advance and we can facilitate things for you to clean the streets of Shirdi. Even if it is for 15 minutes, it will make some difference.
With folded hands, we urge you all, to please protect, preserve and promote the sanctity, cleanliness and greenness of our beloved Baba’s Shirdi.

Thank you.

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