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By Baba’s grace, Baba’s vision is our mission.
Our desire is to spread Baba’s messages and vision to all the corners of the world. Spreading love and serving the needy is not uncommon, but doing this without converting the devotees’ religion is unique indeed. Sai encouraged devotees from all religions to follow their own path and He would guide them in their own religion.

We are looking for Shirdi Sai Baba devotees across the world to join us in this great mission. We want to present Baba’s message and not any of our own philosophy. Unfortunately, there are already several groups started spreading their individual philosophy and messages in the name of Baba. Some individuals started spreading Baba’s messages and in this process, they slowly replaced Baba Himself and became the devotee’s gurus.

We are not against anyone, but its deeply hurting that if the aim of any of these groups is to spread Baba’s message, then Sai Satcharitra and Baba’s teachings should have been translated into many other languages. Instead, the books written by these individuals and organizations would get more coverage than Satcharitra itself. Please believe us, they build palace like ashrams, they own hundreds of acres of land, organize many programs across the world, yet they do not have funds to translate and spread Baba’s message as it is.

On the other hand, we have many temples of Sai across the globe, serving Sai and the devotees. While the temples are very key elements in creating Sai awareness, they are most likely to serve their local society and are restricted with various limitations. Also, there are about 40 countries till date with Baba temples & temples with Baba (and other deities) in it. The issue with most temples is that they lack resources to do anything beyond their routine. There are hardly one or two temples in the world, which are dedicated to spread Baba’s message besides managing their routine. This leaves a huge gap for organizations like ours to focus on creating Sai awareness by spreading His message.

If you share our thought process, then we would like to hear from you. By Baba’s grace, if all goes well, we could initiate a subsidiary of I Love Sai in your country. Through this, we could spread baba’s message through all of our projects, but customized to your country.

Our aim is to have a subsidiary of I Love Sai in every country. While the focus is on spreading Baba’s message, the implementation is customized to that particular country based on their law & governance.
While, I Love Sai’s parent entity would guide, govern and support with the objectives and infrastructure, the subsidiaries are used in identifying the gaps in spreading Sai’s message and implementation of various charitable and social welfare activities specific to that particular country.

By this way, Baba’s grace, we could establish a very powerful global network of Sai devotees with one voice and one mission.
Whether you are already an existing organization or simply a Shirdi Sai Baba devotee, please send us your details from the below contact form and we would be glad to contact you soon.

Thank you

Baba Malik



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