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By Baba’s grace, I Love Sai has opened an office in Shirdi on the Gudhi Padwa (Marathi & Telugu New Year) 2016.

The purpose of this office is to serve as a global facility centre for both Baba’s devotees and Sai organizations around the world. We do not want to create a parallel Sansthan, but would like to act as an additional support for the devotees who require some assistance and helping hand while in Shirdi.

At the same time, we want to serve all Sai organizations across the world by aiming to meet their requirements from Shirdi. For example, we can assist the Sai organizations
1. In buying Sai Satcharitra from Sansthan and shipping them to their specified destination
2. Sending Baba’s moorti & photo swaroops
3. Send pooja and aarti related items
4. Send Sai Chopdaar uniforms
5. Liaise between them and Sansthan, if required
6. Any other requests.
7. For individual requests, please check our “Do you need our Assistance in Shirdi” link.

Our team consists of experienced members who ran Sai temples in India and outside of India. We understand the needs of Sai organizations and the devotees visiting Shirdi. We will be privileged to serve Sai organizations and the Sai devotees visiting Shirdi.
Many residents of Shirdi are I Love Sai office bearers and by Baba’s grace, we could negotiate the best price for your needs.
This is again a free service to all. We will not add any profit or do not believe in commissions. We will be as transparent as possible and will work for you the way it suits you or your organization.
This is the way we serve Sai.
To request any service you need, please fill the form below.

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