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Baba’s grace, which Baba’s devotee does not want a prayer to be done either in their name or in the name of their loved ones’, on the Holy soil of Shirdi? With Baba’s blessings, it is now possible through I Love Sai and the service is absolutely free, or in return, we seek your blessings so that we could do more of Baba’s work. This also puts a very difficult question in front of us. Why Shirdi? Is Baba available only in Shirdi? Why wouldn’t I Love Sai do this anywhere else? We agree, Baba is everywhere, at the same time we all have a very special place for Shirdi in our hearts, because it’s Baba’s Shirdi. Our effort is not to undermine Baba’s Omnipresence. If any of you thought so, we apologize unconditionally, with folded hands. We honestly do not know if this is right or wrong, but we are sure of one thing; our honesty and integrity. We are doing this with pure heart and hope Baba would accept our efforts, the same way He accepted mail (postal services) from devotees living far, when He was in Bodily Form. Who knows, one day, this might inspire many other organizations to offer such services, including Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi.

How it works?
Please fill the below registration form to the best you could as some of the fields are mandatory and some are optional. Please ensure you enter a correct email address. Once you submit the form, we will send an email to the email address you have provided. In the email, we have a confirmation link sent to you. Please click the link and you should see your registration confirmation in a new web page.
Please note that currently bookings are open only till 30 days in the future, from the current date. We have used Shirdi’s (IST) time zone to calculate the days. Currently we have limited to 50 registrations per a calendar day on first come first serve basis. You can only submit one registration per email in one calendar day.

Prayer process:
Baba’s grace, our priest will receive the details as entered in the form for all the successful registrants for that calendar day. He will offer a prayer to Baba in one of our designated locations (NOT anywhere in Sansthan. Please note these prayers are not done in association with Sansthan) and for each name, flowers/akshitas (turmeric, saffron powder and oil mixed rice grains) are offered to Baba’s swaroop during the prayer. This part is either video or audio recorded and later shared with the registrants.
After the prayer is done, our priest is expected to visit either Baba’s main temple or Dwarakamai or Chavdi to offer the flowers/akshitas used in the prayer, to Baba seated in one these locations. Due to restrictions, this part will not be recorded.

Finally, Baba’s grace, all of this is being done in good faith. We seek Baba’s blessings and your blessings to help us succeed in this holy project. For whatever reasons, at times, we may fail at any of these steps. At such times, we plead you to be considerate and be supportive and help us overcome those situations.

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