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How are ou project Financed?

I Love Sai is fully operated by Sai devotees from different parts of the world. Without the team effort and Baba’s grace, it would have been impossible to get to this point. However, to expand beyond what we are today, we need funding.

By Baba’s grace, currently we run the below four projects
1. 100 For Sai
2. Aao Sai
3. Walk For Sai
4. Babanchi Shirdi, Majhi Shirdi (Baba’s Shirdi, My Shirdi)

Majority of the contributions till date have come from our team members, their friends and family.
We often get small percentage of donations through Aao Sai events also.
While in the first year of initiation, by Baba’s grace, what I Love Sai achieved is significant, in reality the colossal tasks are ahead of us.
We all have commendable faith in Sai as He is the doer of all these, yet we want to leave no stone unturned. Hence we would not hesitate in kneeling in front of you with folded hands and beg you for your support in whichever the capacity you could.

Thank you

Baba Malik

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