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Carpentersville, Illinois USA

Project Name: Carpentersville, Illinois USA

By Baba’s grace, I Love Sai has been demonstrating Baba's teachings through charity and various charitable activities in numerous locations in India, UK & USA.

Aligned with our vision and to further strengthen the organization's activities, by the grace of Baba, I Love Sai has recently acquired a 134 years old beautiful and historic property at 30 N Washington Street in the village of Carpentersville in Illinois State.As the property has been vacant for the last three years, to occupy the property again and bring it back to life, we need to ensure it is compliant with the current code of health and safety standards. This will not only support our objectives, but would have great satisfaction of helping restore/save a small piece of History. Another great emotional value for the Sai devotees is that this property has been constructed and operated during Baba's bodily form as it was built prior to 1918.

I Love Sai is requesting donations to install the fire sprinkler system, build a stage for Baba & have Baba on it (in the Marble Idol form) along with some external and internal cosmetic patch up works.

Once operational, the site would house daily congregations as done in Shirdi and at the same time collect specific type of cooked food/ grains/ spices/ snacks etc. as donations/purchases and will further distribute to our partner shelter homes on a daily basis in the Cook County and other parts of the Illinois state (currently this is being done on every Thursday).
We plead you to generously contribute towards this great cause! To donate to this project, please use the below links. Thank you in advance and Baba bless you.


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